Sunshine 811 clarifies role, issues disclaimer in response to email solicitation

Sunshine 811 is a neutral party that takes information from an excavator and transmits it to a member operator (utility company or facility owner). Sunshine 811 does not own, operate or locate underground utilities. Sunshine 811 does not dispatch locators to locate underground utilities.

You may have received an email or phone call from a company offering private utility locating services. In response, we want to clarify a few things.

Sunshine 811 Responds to Hurricane Irma with Successful Public Awareness Campaign

Hurricane Irma’s unprecedented power outages got a lot of press. People knew what to do when they encountered an above-ground electric line, but no one warned them of underground lines.

So Sunshine 811 developed an earned media campaign that came together in less than a week after Hurricane Irma to take advantage of Irma’s major news draw. It ran Sept. 13 – Nov. 30 and educated Floridians on the need to call 811 before any digging – even storm recovery.

Sunshine 811 introduces new app

It's dig site information in the palm of your hand

The new Sunshine 811 app makes it easier than ever to keep track of member responses with a simple tap on Positive Response. With real time updates, you're always comparing the most recent responses with what you see at your dig site. Keeping you and your crew safer and in the know. 

EXCAVATORS: Local, federal law require call to 911 when pipeline damaged

Damaging pipelines carries its own set of risks.State and federal require a call to 911 when there is a pipeline release. PHMSA may also place maximum civil penalties of $209,002 per violation per day with a maximum of $2,090,022 for any related series of violations on any Florida excavators who damage their regulated pipelines.