On May 25, 2018, Sunshine 811 signed a contract with 4iQ Solutions for its ticket management system Exactix. This will replace the current system offered by irth Solutions.


The decision to award 4IQ the contract was made after several months of evaluating whether to keep IRTH as it is, rebuild or go with a new system. Three software vendors including our current vendor, IRTH Solutions, submitted proposals.

4IQ Solutions, a relatively new company out of Columbus, Ohio. Their team of developers and staff have over 70 years of experience creating technology solutions and over 50 years creating one-call solutions.

We are now in the development process with Arizona 811 and Dig Safely New York. In leveraging the knowledge of three one-call centers and working with the latest technologies, we will be able to increase accuracy and provide a better experience for the end user.

We anticipate Exactix will be rolled out to all users in early 2020. Training and onboarding will begin a few months before that.

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