Sunshine 811 selects the 4iQ Exactix platform to protect infrastructure, ensure safety

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Sunshine 811 awards 4iQ Solutions contract to develop newest ticket creation system, Exactix

This decision was made after several months of evaluating the current system and reviewing proposals from three software vendors. A simpler design, more intuitive features and other technological improvements were all considered in the decision-making process. The contract was signed May 25, 2018.

4IQ Solutions is a relatively new company out of Columbus, Ohio. Their team has over 70 years of experience creating technology solutions and over 50 years creating one-call solutions.

Its curriculum and certification platform were introduced in 2016. Now, widely accepted as the premier 811 industry education solution, it proudly introduces the next revolution in accuracy and safety for 811 Centers, 4iQ Exactix. 

Since signing the contract, we've had several web conferences with the software developers plus Arizona 811 and Dig Safely New York, the other two centers signed on with 4iQ.


The new 4iQ Exactix platform will ensure the most accurate dig sites while maintaining the high level of safety that has been the trademark of Sunshine 811.  By leveraging the knowledge of Sunshine 811 and working with the latest technologies, the goal is to increase the accuracy while providing a better experience for the end user.

“Sunshine 811's influence on product development means solutions that will change the way the next generation creates one-call tickets,” President and CEO of 4iQ Solutions Jason Adams states.

"We'll leverage Sunshine's knowledge and use the latest technologies to reach the goal of increasing accuracy while providing a better end-user experience.,” Adams adds. We are excited to work with this team and leadership."

“On behalf of the Board and Staff of Sunshine 811,” Sunshine 811 Executive Director Mark Sweet explains, “we are pleased to participate in developing the Exactix 811 ticket creation system, employing the most advanced damage prevention information processing technologies available. This key decision  sets the future direction for Sunshine 811 for many years to come. It was a logical outcome to our strategic goal to continually evaluate and implement relevant technologies in a fiscally responsible manner and a means to achieve our vision to make Florida the safest place to dig”.  

We anticipate Exactix will be rolled out to all users in early 2020. Training and onboarding will begin a few months before that. For updates on the system switch, sign up for our system/technical updates using the form to the right.


For more information about Exactix, please contact:
Jason Adams – 4iQ Solutions –