Employee Storm Update

The Sunshine 811 Call Center will open for business as usual Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019. Please plan to arrive for work at your regularly scheduled start time.



1.       What happens when a hurricane watch for Volusia County is issued?

  • It’s business as usual; however, we will begin preparing to close the call center.

  • Communications are sent to members and excavators through our systems, social media and Smart Notice.

  • Generators and backup systems are secured and working with fuel delivery on notice.

2.       When will we close?

  • When a hurricane warning is issued for Volusia County. The decision will be made by the executive director and communicated to you by your manager.

  • Hurricane shutters will be lowered.

3.       What do I do if a hurricane warning is declared over a weekend?

  • Follow the procedures in question number 4.

4.       How will I know when to return to work?

  • In most instances, the center re-opens the first business day after the storm has passed and travel conditions are safe as permitted by local civil authorities.

  • For updates, call (386) 575-2022 or visit DO NOT CALL THE TOLL-FREE NUMBERS. THEY TAKE YOU TO OUR CLOSED MESSAGE.

5.       Will I be paid for any hurricane time that falls Monday through Friday?

  • Yes! You receive regular pay for any normal hours you would have worked during the hurricane.

  • Any vacation, personal, ETO or sick time scheduled during the hurricane will be changed to regular hours worked and the appropriate time bank will be credited.

6.       Will we be opening extended or weekend hours?

  • We may open before 7 a.m., remain open after 5 p.m. or open for weekend hours to assist our members with restoration efforts. Notification of call center hours of operation will be posted online and distributed through email. Any extended or weekend hours worked will be paid at time and one-half. Any extended hours worked on a holiday will be paid at double time.

7.       What happens if the call center building is damaged?

  • Management will determine if you can safely work at the call center in its damaged condition or if operations need to be temporarily relocated to another location. Maintaining employee safety and health will be prime factors in considering any continued use of damaged facilities.