Marks Have Meaning: It's All in the Colors

The color above ground is your guide. It tells you what type of facility is underground. The APWA has a set of uniform color codes that apply in every state. Each utility in Florida has its own standards for marking. There is no standard way to mark. But, the colors are required by law to be consistent. If you find that any facility owner is not using the correct color, please notify our liaisons immediately.  



The color of the pipe underground does NOT represent the facility

It's tempting to think that orange PVC is running communications lines inside, but look at this photo. 

The orange PVC carried petroleum. Making this wrong assumption and digging with a back hoe could cost you your life as well as cause evacuations and other injuries. We at 811 take our job seriously and want to prevent you from making this assumption. Only use the flags and marks as your guideline.

This orange PVC pipe carried petroleum. Making this wrong assumption could cost your life. All we want is for you to go home at the end of the day.