Who can use the Sunlite Damage Report?
All damage prevention stakeholders that are not already reporting through national DIRT or Sunshine 811's Virtual Private DIRT.

Will anyone know that I submitted the report or caused the damage?
All information is submitted anonymously and remains anonymous. Plus, it is exempt from any public records requests as explained in s.556.113 of the Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act, Chapter 556, F.S. Because of this, the data cannot be used for enforcement purposes or to determine liability in any instance.

What will Sunshine 811 do with the data?
Sunshine 811 will use the generic data to identify common root causes of excavation damage to underground facilities, the type of equipment used when damages occurred and the type of work performed. This will help us build damage prevention strategies (education) and campaigns to help reduce future incidents.

What if I’m already using Florida’s or NUCA’s Virtual DIRT?
Please keep using it! We’ll import the data fields into our form.

What if we’re using the national DIRT System?
DIRT information is only available to Sunshine 811 when you have granted us access to your data. In the Data Grants link for DIRT (www.cga-dirt.com), select Sunshine 811 as the “Data Receiving Organization” and set the “Geo Limit” to Florida.

Let us know. We will accept your data in any format, but a spreadsheet, comma-delimited or CSV file is preferred.

What if we’ve never reported or tracked damage data?
Then, it's time to get started! You can enter each incident individually or put the data into a spreadsheet, comma-delimited or CSV file and email to us.