Safety Matters Training

You will create a username and password to access Safety Matters. The program tracks the chapters you have completed. There is a review question at the end of each chapter. When you've completed the program, print out a certificate of completion.

Q: What topics are covered in Safety Matters?
A: Six chapters in Safety Matters covers the following:

  1. The 811 Process
  2. Safe excavation
  3. Why an how to notify Sunshine 811
  4. Locate request types
  5. Positive response
  6. Unmarked utilities
  7. Incidents and damages
  8. Steps to safe digging
  9. Understanding the marks - color codes
  10. Tolerance zone
  11. Marking underground facilities
  12. Enforcement

Q: Who should take Safety Matters?
A: This program is recommended for professional excavators, locators and employees or contractors of companies/utilities that own underground facilities.

Q: How much does the program cost?
A: It is free!

Q: Who do I contact with additional questions or if I’m having issues with the program?
A: Users can contact Brad Martin