2018 Florida, national DIRT data due 3/31


Sunshine 811 members have until March 31st to get their data entered into the Florida DIRT system. This ensures it will be included in the 2018 DIRT Report, an annual publication that monitors the trends and root causes of underground facility damages nationwide.

For Sunshine 811, your data is a rich source of industry intelligence on excavation damage to underground facilities. Those details are crucial for us to plan effective education, awareness and damage prevention initiatives.

Last year was the first year Sunshine 811 members were required to report damages.

s.556.105(12)(b) If an event damages any pipe, cable or its protective covering, or other underground facility, the member operator receiving the notice shall file a report with the system. Reports must be submitted annually to the system, no later than March 31 for the prior calendar year, or more frequently at the option and sole discretion of the member operator.

This year, the Common Ground Alliance introduced several changes to DIRT and have labeled the current system Fresh DIRT. For more information about Fresh DIRT and to register to submit damages, click here.

Submit by March 31, 2019

  • If you already submitted your data for 2018, thank you! No further action is required.

  • If you have nothing to report, go to "submission status" within the DIRT Main Menu and check the box indicating your report is complete for 2018.