Locator excellence winners announced

Sunshine 811 selected four locators from an impressive slate of candidates to receive the Locator Excellence Award. This is the second year Sunshine 811 has recognized locators for the job that they do to keep Florida safe.

"Locators really have a tough job," states Mark Sweet, Sunshine 811 executive director. "An uptick in construction and ticket volumes keeps them perpetually busy in this hot state. This Locator Excellence Award is just one way we can let them know that we appreciate everything they do for Florida."

These four outstanding locators will accept their awards at 811 Safety Day on March 16, 2017, at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando. 

And the winners are...

  • Eric Chumley, Hillsborough County Public Utilities

  • Ray Godsey, USIC

  • Jacquelyn Martell, USIC

  • James Weaver, City of Margate

Eric Chumley was nominated by Keith Nehrboss of Sunrise Utility Construction, Inc. 

Eric's knowledge and understanding of his craft are outstanding. We are always reassured that when working in Hillsborough County, there will never be a miscommunication on existing utilities because of Eric's expertise. He is very time conscious, respectful to scheduling, and diligent to work completion. In my thirty years of working in the underground business, Eric is one of the most competent people I have had the pleasure to work with.

Ray Godsey was nominated by Bill Thomas of Killebrew, Inc. 

Mr. Godsey exhibits an exceptional concern for the protection of existing utilities while accommodating construction of new utility lines by: (1) being on-site to the fullest extent his schedule allows; (2) being on-call at a moment's notice if uncertainty arises in the field as to existing utility lines in an area about to be excavated; (3) utilizing multiple locating techniques to best pinpoint and identify existing utilities to prevent damage; (4) working hand-in-hand with us, as the excavator, to maintain/update locate marks ahead of excavation and construction activities; and (5) assist in the identification of unknown utilities when found by us during excavation work. Mr. Godsey also does not hesitate to contact his co-workers and fellow-locators from other utility providers to ask questions, obtain additional information, and verify information he has on existing utilities, even if the utility provider does not utilize USIC for locating services. This clearly demonstrates his genuine concern and effort to go above and beyond the minimum required by law to aid in the identification, location, and protection of existing utilities.  We are about one year into the construction of a three-year water system upgrade project in Orange City and Mr. Godsey has worked with us since the beginning of this project. His presence and assistance on this project have been invaluable to us and utility providers to prevent damage and facilitate productive construction of our project.

Jacquelyn Martell was nominated by Rama Ruttala, Professional Service Industries, Inc. 

Jacquelyn has done a commendable job not only locating the utilities in the area of site assessment but also communicated very well that really helped us complete the job in a safe manner. Jacquelyn communicated with me on Friday, January 13, 2017, and informed me of the utilities in the area of concern. Jacquelyn communicated with me on January 17, 2017, and advised me that she'd like to meet us on-site January 18, 2017, and help mark/clear utilities in the area of concern. On January 18, 2017, Jacquelyn was on-site along with our team and marked the utilities, especially the underground power lines, located at approx. 9 ft and 19 ft below the ground surface which were feeding the nearby substation. Had Jacquelyn not located the underground power lines in the area of site assessment that we had proposed to install soil borings and monitoring wells, it would have been a disaster with dire consequences on our field staff and their families. I take this great opportunity to nominate Mrs. Jacquelyn Martell for doing such a wonderful job in a professional manner that helped us complete the job in a safe manner.

James Weaver was nominated by Scott Ersland, Nutting Engineers. 

James goes above and beyond the call of duty when locating underground utilities for us. As an example, he was leaving on a Friday afternoon for an engagement with his daughter and another of his co-workers had been helping out with the locates. Jim noticed just before leaving that there was a force main that had not been identified and he took the time to notify me. He left his cell number just in case there were further questions. This was not his responsibility to do that day, but he took the time at the expense of being late to his daughter's event to make sure we were safe.