Join the movement! Awareness campaign in full swing

You’re driving to work and you hear 811 on the radio. You’re doing a little internet surfing and an 811 ad pops up inviting you to click for more information. Or you’re driving down the road and you see 811 on a billboard.

Billboards, radio and internet are part of Sunshine 811’s Safe Digging Month campaign that began in March this year. April is the one month when stakeholders nationwide ramp up their efforts to flood the nation with the message, Know what’s below. Call 811 before you dig.

Sunshine 811 took a slightly different approach this year, focusing its messaging on training and education for Florida’s boots-on-the-ground professionals. The messages focus on two key steps in the 811 process:

  • Safe digging is necessary within the tolerance zone.
  • Checking positive response and comparing it to the job site is key to a successful job.

A third message reminds homeowners of the complex underground utility network within and near personal property:

  • Wireless service is still connected by underground wires and unsafe digging can break the signal.

Join the movement this April!

You can motivate excavators and homeowners to adopt the call-811-before-you-dig procedure. Combine that with safe digging and they will ultimately save lives and protect property and the environment. 


We thank you in advance for your support of this initiative.