Changes coming for FL DIRT field form


The Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) is getting a makeover!

After more than 10 years of DIRT data collection and annual reports, the Data Reporting & Evaluation Committee is making some significant revisions to the DIRT form to ensure it continues to provide value to damage prevention efforts.

The changes were made to streamline the data-gathering process, encourage more participation and enhance analysis. The most significant change was removing the selection Data Not Collected (DNC).

Note: July 1, 2017, reporting damages became mandatory for Sunshine 811 members. The system we chose to gather the damage data is DIRT. Sunshine 811 has a state-specific version of DIRT called Florida DIRT which you may also see referred to as Florida Virtual Private DIRT. They are the same. If your company already reports damages to DIRT, please make sure that they grant Sunshine State One-Call of Florida, Inc. access to their Florida data. View our Florida DIRT information page here.

What you need to know

Use the current form for all 2017 damages. The deadline for submitting damages that occurred in 2017 is 3/31/2018 and the current form is available until then.

Begin using the 2018 DIRT Field Form 1/1/2018.

If you enter your events one at a time using the online web form or in bulk using a bulk loader, you will have the ability to toggle between the "Original v1. 2006" and the "Next version.2018.0" as in graphic below. April 1 the toggle will be removed and only the 2018 form will be available. 


Help Through the Transition

To prepare for the upcoming transition, the PDFs below explain the changes to the form and how they will affect your web form entry and bulk uploading. If you have any issues, our damage prevention liaisons are available to assist you as they are available. You may also contact the Common Ground Alliance's DIRT staff directly through this web form. If you have not set up your Florida DIRT account yet, visit the Florida DIRT page to learn more.

New 2018 DIRT Form

2018 DIRT Field Form

2006 Field Form vs the 2018 Field Form

Sandbox Version of the New Form is Available

2018 Field Form Changes Explained

DIRT is getting a makeover

Types of events

New exemption questions

'Data Not Collected' removed

Revised Excavation Practices Root Causes

Revised Locating Practices Root Causes

Revised Notification Practices Root Causes

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Presentation from the Fresh DIRT Webinar

DIRT Migration Guide 2018 (for use by those already reporting using DIRT Web Form, Automated Data Loader, and XML/SOAP interface)