LIMITED TIME: 18 free excavator classes cover 811, pipeline safety

Pipelines are nothing to mess with! Construction or demolition work done anywhere near a pipeline - even in a homeowner's backyard - can affect the integrity and safety of that facility. 

Contractors and their subs should attend this free pipeline safety program taught by Paradigm, Sunshine 811 and gas company representatives. All programs are taught per Code of Federal Regulations 49 CFR 192 and 195, as well as API RP 1162.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to identify the product release and necessary response.
  • Whom to notify when a release happens.
  • Location of valves and what to do with them.
  • How to get operator contact information.
  • Pipeline sizes, locations, products and operating pressures.
  • Emergency response plan availability.

A Sunshine 811 liaison will also provide education on the 811 notification process and walk you through the special requirements when digging near High Priority Subsurface Installations (pipelines) to avoid federal fines in excess of $200,000 per day if you strike a pipeline.

For more information and to register, visit