Get the whole Positive Response Summary using a mobile device


Sunshine 811 introduces Xtreme Access for the Positive Response System. It was developed after excavators expressed concern over the limited amount of information non-Internet Ticket Entry users could access in the field. Hurricane recovery left many of them making extra calls to supervisors for contact information and maps.

Using the Sunshine 811 app, excavators use Xtreme Access to view all tickets for his or her registered company, full ticket text and the system map.

Xtreme access features

  • Access positive response summary with ticket number only.

  • View all tickets for your company.

  • If you don’t know the ticket number to open the positive response summary, do a ticket search based on one or a combination of the date, address, county, creation date or status. The system will then search through all tickets for your company.

  • View the full positive response summary including the codes and code descriptions.

  • View the ticket text including member’s code, name and contact information.

  • View the map.

  • Access emergency contact by county.

It requires login ID

To get Xtreme Access for Positive Response, complete the form. The Member Services Department will send you an email with your login ID and notify you when the set up and registration is complete.

Note: Use of PR Xtreme gives you access to the Positive Response System and associated ticket information. It does not let you enter tickets using Internet Ticket Entry. To use ITE, you must complete the application and online training., former damage prevention manager for Sunshine 811.