2018 damage reporting requires new form. Make sure you're using FRESH DIRT today.


The deadline for getting your 2017 damages reported to Florida DIRT has passed and it's time to concentrate on 2018 damages.

The most important thing is to make sure you're using the new FRESH DIRT 2018 field form and/or spreadsheet. Throughout the first quarter of 2018, both forms were offered on the Florida DIRT website as we reported in an earlier News post.

Sunshine 811 recommends that anyone who has entered 2018 damage information, double check to ensure that you used the FRESH DIRT 2018 system.

Florida DIRT Webpage

Our Florida DIRT page now features only the updated information. If you haven't already done so, download the 2018 FRESH DIRT Field Form and 2018 Florida DIRT Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has pull-down options that correspond with DIRT fields. This can be used to submit bulk data using the Automated Data Loader.

If you're an experienced Florida DIRT user, the Florida DIRT page also has several PDFs provided by the Common Ground Alliance that explain the updates. We will continue to post updates as they are available.

Are you sharing your DIRT data with us?

Some companies are reporting their damage information to the national DIRT system. But, did you know that if you're a Sunshine 811 member, the law requires you to report that information to Sunshine 811 too? [s. 556.105(12)(b)]. The good thing is, you can keep the account you already have. All you need to do is grant Sunshine 811 access to your data. The steps to do this are below.