Fax ticket delivery ends 12/31/18

Sunshine 811 will stop sending locate tickets by fax to member destinations on December 31, 2018.

This move is being made to continue improving our technology and maintaining a reliable system for transmitting tickets to our members. As the telephone networks have changed from good old telephone lines to the new voice-over-internet technologies, fax transmissions have become unreliable and more expensive to develop and maintain.

We offer two options for your use to replace fax transmissions:

  1. Utilisphere (irthNet)
    This is the member ticket management solution Sunshine 811 provides to its members at no additional charge above the current annual assessment.

  2. Email
    Provide us with a valid email address and tickets will be emailed to you. Please note: email delivery will be discontinued by 12/31/2019 Take the step now and get started with Utilisphere.

To see a demo of the Utilisphere Member Ticket Management System or get started with the email ticket delivery, please contact your member services representative at (800) 651-6720 option #4 or send the department an email.