Locate Technician Excellence Award

Nominations now being accepted! Excavators and member utility representatives, nominate an outstanding and dedicated locate technician today. This is your chance to recognize those who dominate in the industry, but rarely get the recognition. 

Thank you for supporting Florida's best locate technicians!

Winners and those who nominated them will be required to sign a photo release and liability release. All travel expenses will be submitted using a Sunshine 811 travel expense reimbursement form.

We all have stories to tell. Excavators, have you worked with a locate technician who went above and beyond to get your site located? Made special arrangements to be available during long projects? Was meticulous at the job?

Utilities, maybe a locator contacted you because another utility's marks seemed to shadow yours and wanted to ensure that your lines were protected properly. Or perhaps they found a safety hazard involving your line and wanted to alert you.

Whether you're an excavator or utility, share your experiences and nominate that technician for the Locate Excellence Award. 

Nomination Process

  • Excavators and utility members may nominate one or more locate technicians using the Locate Technician Nomination Form
  • Entry must be submitted by midnight, March 21, 2018.
  • Supervisors will be contacted by email to confirm the technician's record.
  • A selection committee of industry professionals will review all nominees and select two public and and two private locate technicians. 
Locate Excellence Award


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Bragging rights with shareable social media and blog posts. All winners featured in appropriate industry publications.


Locate technician must be employed by a Sunshine 811 member or its contract locator, or an associate member, and meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 3 years locating experience in Florida.
  • Zero at-fault damages for 90 days before the nomination.
  • Zero safety violations for 90 days before the nomination.
  • Completed 250 or more site locations in the last two years that prevented underground utility damage.
  • Established proactive working relationships in damage prevention.

Eligibility criteria will be verified by locate technician's supervisor.
Questions about the nomination process? Email Brad Martin, North Florida Damage Prevention Liaison or call (386) 575-2035.