Nominations now being accepted for Locator Excellence Award


Communication. Understanding. Respect. Trust. These are the qualities demonstrated by past Locator Excellence Award winners.

Preventing damage to buried facilities is a responsibility shared by everyone involved. And those four qualities are key to a successful process.

Whether you're an excavator or utility, nominate a locator who demonstrates these qualities for the Locator Excellence Award!

Thank you for supporting Florida's best locators!

Nomination Process

  • Excavators and utility members may nominate one or more locators using the Locator Nomination Form.

  • Entry must be submitted by midnight, March 31, 2019.

  • Supervisors will be contacted by email to confirm the locator’s record.

  • A selection committee of industry professionals will review all nominees and select two public and and two private locators


  • $250

  • 811 rain slicker

  • Plaque

  • Awards presentation at your facility with your peers

  • Bragging rights with shareable social media and blog posts. All winners featured in appropriate industry publications.

New this year: The person who nominates a winning locator will also get a $50 gift card.


Locator must be employed by a Sunshine 811 member or its contract locator, or an associate member, and meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 3 years locating experience in Florida

  • Zero at-fault damages for 90 days before the nomination

  • Zero safety violations for 90 days before the nomination

  • Completed 250 or more site locations in the last two years that prevented underground utility damage

  • Established proactive working relationships in damage prevention

Eligibility criteria will be verified by locator’s supervisor.
Questions about the nomination process? Email Brad Martin, North Florida Damage Prevention Liaison or call (386) 575-2035.

Winners and those who nominate them will be required to sign a photo and liability release.

The Heart of a Team

Sunshine 811’s Locator Excellence Program honors those who are exceptional at taking care of business.

COMMUNICATION - Effective communication is at the heart of all productive work.

UNDERSTANDING - Seeking to understand other’s concerns, needs and challenges helps build respect.

RESPECT - Showing respect and consideration for values and perspectives of others creates trust.

TRUST - Where there is trust, teams can get things done.


Locator Excellence Nomination Form

Entry Deadline: Midnight, March 31, 2019

Nominations accepted from excavators and utility companies that have worked with the locator being nominated

Locator Nominee
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Locator Supervisor Information (if known)
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Supervisor's Verification Form

Please use this form to verify that your locator has met the qualifications for the program.

Deadline: Midnight, March 31, 2019


Locate Technician Information
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Check the box next to each requirement once verified.
Supervisor Information
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