Internet Ticket Entry Application

Internet Ticket Entry (ITE) is a service offered by Sunshine 811 that allows excavators and members to submit locate requests 24 hours a day. Below are requirements and details of the system.

ITE User Manual

User Requirements

  1. Users must have a working knowledge of Sunshine 811 and understand the basic information required to complete a ticket.
  2. Users must provide grids on all tickets; therefore, a strong ability to read maps is required.
  3. Users accept responsibility for all information (accurate or inaccurate) they provide on ITE tickets. Sunshine 811 is not responsible for incorrect information on ITE tickets. The call center conducts spot checks on ITE tickets and may require users to clarify existing information or provide more information to complete a ticket. Note: Sunshine 811 may discontinue ITE privileges for an individual or company that consistently produces inaccurate or incomplete locate requests or for any other reason deemed detrimental to the operation of the ITE system by Sunshine 811, without prior notice to the user.
  4. Users are required to complete ITE training before receiving their USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  5. Users should not share their USERNAME and PASSWORD.  Each participant within your organization who is interested in becoming an ITE User must submit a completed and signed application to get a USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  6. Users must notify the call center immediately when the contact information for their company is changed.

System Requirements

  1. ITE is now available on most browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
  2. Recommended screen resolution 1024 x 768.

Ticket Entry Requirements and Procedures

  1. Only properly executed ITE tickets will be processed. Such requests are made not less than two business days or more than 365 business days before beginning any excavation excluding holidays and weekends. The notice becomes effective when the locate request is entered into and accepted by the computer at the call center during regularly scheduled business hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets entered after hours become effective the beginning of the next business day. Sunshine 811 accepts ITE tickets 24 hours a day except during scheduled system maintenance periods.
  2. Clearly identify the type work to be done and specifically describe your proposed work area so that the locators can respond with minimum difficulty and delay. Note: Sunshine 811 reserves the right to reject any ticket placed through ITE that is not complete and or accurate.
  3. When you complete all information and send the notice, you will receive a ticket number and confirmation that also lists those members notified by your ticket. NOTE: Sunshine 811 only notifies members identified in the project area.  The excavator is responsible for notifying those entities operating without membership (non-members).
  4. Your ticket is valid for 30 calendar days with day one beginning the day after notification is received. It must be renewed two full business days before the ticket due date.

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