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Building Your Service Area

Building your service area is easy with Irth Internet.


Map Tools

You don't need any special files or programming expertise, just the ability to point and click. With Irth Internet you can draw your service area right on the screen using the map tools.



 Some key things to remember when using the map tools:

  • No buffer is added when you use the square, circle or polygon tool.
  • A 200-foot buffer is added when you use the line tool. You can reduce that to 100 feet.

Shape File Uploads

If your company already has shape files established for your underground facilities, you can opt to upload them into Irth Internet. Some key things to remember:

  • Each shape file upload requires three types of files (.shp, .dbf, .shx).
  • The upload size should not be larger than 5 megabytes.
  • The shape should not contain more than 10,000 vertices (points used to determine the shape).
  • Shape files should be in Geographic Coordinate System, units latitude & longitude or decimal degrees, NAD83.

When you've finished drawing your service area: Complete the Database Activation Request Form and follow the instructions for submitting.

When you've finished uploading your service area: Complete the Data Upload Activation Agreement Form and follow the instructions for submitting.

Contact Member Services for more information or assistance at (386) 575-2009, (800) 651-6720 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Benefits of Using Shape Files

The number one is less tickets received. Shapes allow you to pinpoint and define your underground facility more accurately. See the following examples: