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ITE Application   |   ITE Manual

Internet Ticket Entry

What is ITE?

It's Internet Ticket Entry (ITE), Sunshine 811's online ticket entry and it's available anywhere there is an Internet connection.


How can I get started?

Complete the ITE application, above. After you are approved, you will receive an email invitation to the online training course. It gives you the flexibility to take it all at once or in segments.  


What are the benefits?

  1. Use it when you want, where you want.

  2. Easy access to the positive response codes left by utilities.

  3. Peace of mind seeing the map and your locate description before sending the ticket.

  4. Easily access your tickets and maps.

  5. Access Sunshine 811 members' emergency and catastrophic contact information.

Where can I get help?

Contact our ITE support line at 1-800-651-6720 option #8.