Homeowner Questions

There are underground utilities on my property but they were not located. Why?
You need to confirm that all utilities have responded to your ticket. Do this by entering your ticket number and phone numbers into the Positive Response System. Positive response will tell you if a utility is clear or needs more information from you. If the system says it's marked, then you need to contact the utility directly. Also, utilities locate only those lines they own, not private lines

What happens if I hit a utility?
Stop digging and notify the utility directly using the contact information on your ticket or call (800) 638-4097. 

What if the utility line runs where I want to do some landscaping?
Consider moving your project. Check out the planting tips on our Homeowner page for more information on how to plant utility friendly landscapes.

Where can I dig?
You can dig in the area included on your ticket. If you go outside that area, request another ticket. If you're digging close to the marks, remember this: the marks give you an approximate location of the buried line. A good guide is to dig carefully when you're within 24-inches of the marks.

My projects are simple: landscaping, mailbox and fence. Do I really need to notify 811?
Yes! Every project! Fences and mailboxes are often in areas where utilities have been installed. Those utilities can be buried just a few inches below ground! Notify 811 before you install or replace a mailbox or fence. 

I have to notify 811 even when I am digging in a spot that was previously marked?
Yes! Erosion and root system growth can alter the depth or location of buried lines. Also, utility companies may have worked on their lines since the last time you dug – so you must get utilities located, each and every time.

I have hired a contractor or landscaper to do the digging project.
Make sure your contractor or landscaper has requested to have your yard located before they begin digging.

I am only digging in a small area and don't want my entire yard marked.
If you are only planning to dig in a small portion of your yard, outline the area in white paint or white flags available at home improvement stores.