General Questions

Who is required to notify Sunshine 811?
Anyone who is digging. This includes: auguring, boring, cable or pipe plowing or driving, digging, directional drilling, ditching, grading, moving earth, pipe bursting, razing, scraping, setting poles, structure demolition, trenching, use of explosives, wrecking and any other trenchless technology.

When should I contact 811?
Two full business days before you want to start digging. The day you request the ticket, weekends and holidays are not included in the two full business days.

I've waited the required time and there are no locate marks. What do I do?
You need to check the codes using the Positive Response System. A utility may have left you a "clear" code or is waiting on you for more information.

When can the marks be removed?
Flags and other marks are valid for 30 calendar days and may be removed after such time. 

Who is liable if I damage an underground utility after I have chosen to excavate after the required time, but before all locates were done?
Sunshine 811 does not determine liability in any situation. Those are questions that need to be addressed with the utility. We would like to point out, however, that there is nothing that excuses you from digging safely - even when you're digging on an exemption.