Call for Locates
811 or (800) 432-4770

ITE Support
(800) 651-6720 option #8

Sunshine 811
11 Plantation Rd
DeBary, FL 32713

Member Services

(386) 575-2009
Contact Member Services for:

  • Ticket destination Changes/Delivery Issues
  • Declaring Extraordinary Circumstances
  • Grid Database Issues
  • IrthNet Questions
  • Member Contact Information Issues
  • Positive Response Issues / Questions
  • Ticket Resends

Call Center

Contact the Call Center when you have questions about your locate ticket, to cancel the ticket, to make changes to your ticket and anything else to do with your ticket if you do not have ITE permissions.


(386) 575-2059
In-person presentations, noncompliance issues, questions about the law and issues you face in the field.



(386) 575-2010
Member and associate member billing issues, vendor inquiries.