Welcome to the Sunshine 811 SUNLITE Damage Report. Use this form to submit basic information on underground facility damages resulting from excavation work. The data will help clarify why these damages occur and help us to develop targeted education and awareness campaigns. It only takes a few minutes to complete the form. All damage data is confidential as outlined in s.556.113, Florida Statutes.

If you are already reporting damage data to Florida Virtual Private DIRT or another version of DIRT, you do not need to report using this form, but check our FAQs for instructions.

Note: This form works on most Android and IOS phones. For easy access, add the page to your Home Screen.

If you would like to report a situation that didn't damage an underground utility, but you feel is in noncompliance with Chapter 556, F.S., please complete a Member Noncompliance or Excavator Noncompliance form.