Contractor Questions

I do not think the locate marks for underground utilities at my dig site are correct. What should I do?  
First, check the Positive Response System to make sure any utility hasn't left instructions for you. Then, contact the utility owner directly. Contact numbers are on your ticket or in Internet Ticket Entry or you may call (800) 638-4097.

I've confirmed utility responses and all indicate the site is located, but when I got to the site there were no locate marks. What do I do?
Excavation or demolition is not safe without first checking into why the marks are not there. There are a number of reasons why the marks are missing. Contact the utility directly responsible for those marks and get clarification. Contact numbers are on your ticket or in Internet Ticket Entry or you may call (800) 638-4097. 

If I'm a subcontractor on a job, do I have to get a separate locate ticket or will the general contractor's locate ticket protect me?  
Sunshine 811 recommends that all excavators request tickets. Subcontractors can be listed in the Remarks section on the ticket, but their protection has not been challenged or ruled on in the court system. Obtain legal advice from your own attorney before relying on the actions of another party. 

I requested to meet with the utility companies at my dig site, but no one showed up at the designated time. Why?
Requests are just that, requests. If you want confirmation that a utility company will meet you, please contact the utility directly to arrange a date and time.

The locate marks at my excavation site have been destroyed. What do I do?

  1. Stop digging where the marks are destroyed and request another ticket. Remember to reference the current ticket number for easy retrieval. 
  2. You can dig in another part of the job site covered on the ticket where the marks are still visible.

How can I protect the marks?

  • Do not drive machinery over the marks.
  • Do not place spoil piles or building materials over marks.
  • Sweep paved areas often so painted marks remain visible.