Weekend projects can lead to Internet and cable outages, injuries and sometimes worse. That's why it's so important (actually, it's law) to find those buried utilities before you dig. If you're new to this service, please watch the video.

Notify 811

To have underground utility lines in your yard marked, call 811 or complete a Single Address Ticket two full business days before digging. If you want to dig Saturday, contact 811 no later than Wednesday. Weekends and holidays are not included in the waiting period.

But First, Prepare

Have the information below prepared before making the request:

  • Contact information including contact name, telephone numbers and email address.
  • County and city
  • Street address where you will be digging
  • Name of nearest intersecting street
  • Date and time digging is scheduled to begin
  • Number of days you'll be digging
  • Detailed description of where on property the digging will take place
  • Type of work being done (e.g. fence install, landscaping, irrigation install, etc.)
  • Type of equipment to be used
  • Special instructions

When you have provided all information, you will get a ticket number. If you give us a valid email, we'll email you a copy. Review all information to make sure it's accurate and keep it for your records. 


Wait 2 full business days after requesting your ticket. Weekends and holidays are not counted in the waiting time. You can dig before two full business days if and only if all of the utilities are clear, no conflict or marked. See the next section to determine whether this possibility exists.

Verify Utility Response

If there are no marks in your yard, do not assume no utility has responded. Instead, verify through our Positive Response System online or by calling (800) 852-8057. The online system gives you the most up-to-date information. Enter your phone number and ticket number to see a list of the utilities notified of your project and their responses to your ticket. Responses range from clear, no conflict to marked or unmarked with a variety of reasons for being unmarked. This is your best answer when you have questions.

NOTE: Utility companies do not locate private utilities. These include water and sewer lines from the meter to the house and lines running from the home to an outside building.

Protect the Marks

Keep the marks visible throughout your project. If they are destroyed, contact 811 again.

Dig Safely

Treat the marks as approximate and remember that some lines are buried less than five inches. That's why there is a 24-inch tolerance zone around each underground utility. Always dig carefully within this area.