Integ Telecom

Customers are the base of our Business and our goal is to find creative solutions using advanced technology to apply in the Telecom industry. Experience, knowledge, commitment is the key to accomplish all corporate customer needs, we establish procedures and give new points of view to create arrangements that get the best service.Making our project the most high quality, having as a final result expand an increase the wireline and wireless businesses with management and technology as allies.

Our Business Goal is based in our customers needs, so we find creative solutions using advanced technologies to apply them in the Telecom industry. Experience, knowledge, commitment and efficiency are the keys to accomplish our clients requirements; we establish new procedures and points of view in the development of better designs that can offer the best service.

Contact: Milagros Suarez
Email: engineering@integtelecom.com
Web: www.integtelecom.com

Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Inwood provides engineering consulting services throughout the state of Florida.

Inwood is committed to holding our professional team to a higher standard of engineering and has achieved this by working closely with each client to develop innovative design solutions that meet their project needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We attribute Inwood's success to our integrity, ethical business practices, and a belief in our core values.

Contact: David Ledgerwood
Email: dledgerwood@inwoodinc.com
Web: www.inwoodinc.com