After-the-Storm Toolkit

This toolkit is for our damage prevention stakeholders to use to remind remind homeowners and professionals to call 811 before disturbing the ground during any storm clean-up efforts.

Kit Elements

  • We’ve assembled a Storm Clean Up Landing Page that you can reference on your website or in printed materials. It has important information about activities that residents and professional excavators alike will do following a hurricane.

  • Our After the Storm News Release is written to be run in any major or small print media outlet.

  • Use the 15- and 30-second PSA Script for live reads or record your own segment and inform the public of an important safety issue designed to help them avoid damaging underground utilities.

  • Share the video below to your social media outlets and on your website.

The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) just released a tool kit available for hurricane Dorian and clean up. To view the toolkit, click here.

After a storm, you just want things back to normal. This 15 second PSA tells you one way to do that.